Announcing the Winners of the 2021 Fiction Fantastic Contest

We are delighted to announce the winning finalists of the 2021 Fiction Fantastic contest!

We had over 120 stories submitted this year and our judges had quite a task to select the most well-written stories. We are delighted to say that these stories dazzled our judges for their creativity, plot, and characterization. Amazing job everyone!

Placement will be announced at our Fiction Fantastic award event on Friday, June 11, 2021. More information will be announced about this virtual experience as we get closer to the event.

Winning Contest Stories

These stories went through 2-3 rounds of judging and were deemed the top stories in their categories.

Elementary School Level (Grades 3-5)

“Ace Hemisphere and The Horizon of Death” by Tyler Robinson, Camas Ridge Community Elementary School
“Alice and the Academy of Magic” by Eli Bishko, Ridgeline Montessori
“Why the Ocean is Salty” by Samma Ayala, Teach North West
“Zutak” by Ripley Buckhantz, Camas Ridge Community Elementary School

Middle School Level (Grades 6-8)

“1943” by Keira Chance, Monroe Middle School
“Jump” by Petra Mohr, Monroe Middle School
“The Great Escape” by Emily Krauss, Pleasant Hill Middle School
“Where Nightmares Come From” by Lucy Fromm, Monroe Middle School

High School Level (Grades 9-12)

“CYAH” by Gracee Whiteaker, Junction City High School
“In the Back of a Building” by Rogan deCalesta, Churchill High School
“Knitted Thing” by Sandra Detweiler, South Eugene High School
“Tingles” by Rose Gray, South Eugene High School

Selected Spotlight Stories

These stories were hand selected for story spotlights: Grades K-2 and Middle School Spanish.

K-2 Spotlight

“The Campsite Hotel” by Leo Kuhl, Charlemagne at Fox Hollow Elementary School
“The Giant Found Out” by Rheah Ayala, Teach North West

Middle School Spanish

“El Poder de Agua” by Cassidy Aumack, Monroe Middle School
“La Lechuga Gruñón – La Historia De Una Lechuga Con Un Sueño” by Flora Stubbert, Monroe Middle School
“Mi Hermosa Aventura” by Aidan Birney, Monroe Middle School