Announcing Our 2022 Celebrity Judge

Drumroll, please… Our 2022 Celebrity Judge is Children’s Book Author Andre Royal, Sr.

Andre Royal Sr., also known as “Chef Andre”, is an influencer & award-winning children’s book author of The Hippo-Critic. His most recent venture is a series of “Color Along Story Books”. His official writing career began as a freelance journalist for the Register-Guard in the CAFE 541 (Culture, Arts, Food & Entertainment ) section and is now making an impact in the literary community, hospitality industry, and gig economy. He’s carved a niche for himself as an entrepreneur and public speaker & consultant, using his creative talents outside the kitchen to further his social media presence, professional network, and established partnerships. A health, wellness & literacy advocate, Chef Andre founded Suddenly Sleepy 501c3 after successfully writing (several) proclamations and highlighting the importance of quality sleep. He established Suddenly Sleepy Saturday in Oregon & the Suddenly Sleepy Sleepwalk 5K, a historic 5k race held in Tracktown USA. Originally from California, now living in the Pacific Northwest, Chef Andre is full of fresh new ideas and always has something simmering on the back burner. Follow his culinary and literary adventures on Instagram @chef_andre_royal and support his writing on his official website.